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Two-Player fencing card game of cunning bladework and careful timing

In Quicksteel...

you take on the role of one of two fencers.  Each fencer has a deck of 65 cards.  The decks are identical and consist of the varied combat maneuvers available to you.

You decide how to play them, when to play them and when not to.  As in actual fencing, the possibilities are infinite.

A Duel...

of cards instead of blades!

True to international fencing rules, Quicksteel gives players a tabletop equivalent to actual fencing.

The lunges, parries and infinite combinations thereof allow players to enter a world where cunning and skill win the day…not strength or size.

The Cards

Like blades, the cards of Quicksteel interact in a dance of skill and timing.

Offensive Cards

The basic lunges and control cards used to score points

Defensive Cards

The basic parries and movement cards used to prevent touches

Specialty Cards

Combined with other cards for spectacular and powerful effects


Here are some strategies to consider.  But remember, as in real fencing, you compete more against your opponent than the moves they make.  How well do you know the person?  Are they careful or foolhardy?  Perhaps they play their cards ‘close to the vest’ or are apt to bluff.  Whatever their style, you are the one who must choose rightly to defeat it.


Allow your opponent to use up their attacks and then counter-attack when the time is right…without fear of reprisal


Attack as quickly as you are able, aiming to catch your opponent without the proper defense


Build up your arsenal of cards, waiting for the perfect time to unleash a flurry of attacks, counter-attacks, parries and disarms


Lure out your opponent’s defensive cards with feigned attacks and disengages, creating your own opportunities for attack


Rely on Specialty cards to augment your maneuvers into ones your opponent doesn’t see coming, and do it all on the fly


Mix and match, omit and focus to design tactics around your own play style, ultimately crafting a strategy all your own

Real fencing...

teaches patience, respect and self-esteem.

Quicksteel does something similar.  It grants players a glimpse into the world of fencing, into the mind of a fencer and into one of the most ancient forms of combat – the duel.

The Creators

Ron Francesangelo


Ron Francesangelo is the creator of Quicksteel and many other games.  He has also handcrafted the Legend: A Game of Maps series (tabletop treasure-hunting games available online), designed pen & paper RPGs, developed content for video games and wrote an adventure novel for middle grade readers.

Ron is passionate about creating compelling, immersive experiences for players to enjoy.

You can reach him at ron(@)quicksteelgame(dot)com

Rob Cannon


Rob Cannon is an illustrative artist, born in Sacramento, California in 1989. He has an associate’s degree in Art from American River College, which proudly hangs upside-down in his studio, to remind him of how useful it has been.

To date he has produced artwork for 12 comics, lettered and edited many more, and has no plans of stopping.

You can see more of Rob’s work at

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